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7 Steps To Mummification


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7 Steps To Mummification
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On this page I am going to show you the 7 steps to mummafication. They used these 7 steps when they were doing the mummafication process. This process took about 1 month to complete. They did mummafication at night when it was cool because in the day it was too hot.

First they wash the body in palm wine.
Next they cut open the body with a sacred knife.
After that they take out all the organs frin the dead body.
Then they put all the organs into canopic jars.
The next thing they do is let the body dry in natron for 40 days.
The second last step is to stuff the body with linen.
Last but not least they wrap the mummy in linen bandages and out him or her into the casket.

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